Aratana gains conditional approval for cancer drug

Animal Health published Tue, 2014-01-28 09:42

Aratana Therapeutics Inc. announced Tuesday that it has gained conditional approval to begin marketing a drug designed to treat cancer in dogs.

The USDA grants conditional approval for animal drugs that are proven to be safe but that have not yet been proven to be effective. However, there must be a "reasonable expectation" that the drug is effective.

This product, called AT-005 targeting T-cell lymphoma, is Aratana's second drug to gain that license.

A drug that is designed to treat B-cell lymphoma, called AT-004, gained that designation in 2012 and is currently licensed to Novartis Animal Health Inc.

Aratana acquired both drugs during the company's merger with San Diego company Vet Therapeutics Inc. in October 2013.

"We are proud to achieve our first regulatory milestone following the acquisition of Vet Therapeutics' pet biologics platform, which brings us closer to market with our first internal commercial opportunity," CEO Steven St. Peter said in a statement. "Conditional approval by the USDA for AT-005 is also a major milestone for our dog lymphoma franchise as a whole, which we believe is poised to redefine the treatment of this important disease that affects millions of dogs worldwide."

The company will now focus on gaining full licenses from the USDA for both products.



- Kansas City Business Journal Jan. 28, 2014