Metactive Announces Spinout from Novita

Human Health published Fri, 2014-02-21 08:56

Metactive Medical, Inc., an early-stage company focused on developing embolization devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular and neurovascular diseases, today announced that it has launched operations as an independent company at the Venture Accelerator in the Kansas Bioscience Park in Olathe. Metactive was initially founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Novita Therapeutics, LLC, a privately held medical device incubator. At the present time, the Company has two products under development.


Metactive's first product addresses the peripheral artery embolization market, where physicians perform about 180,000 procedures per year worldwide using vascular coils and plugs. In a recent pilot nonclinical study, Metactive's peripheral embolic product demonstrated immediate post-deployment vascular occlusion in all seven cases, while a leading competitive plug product did not demonstrate immediate occlusion in any of three cases. Metactive's product maintained complete occlusion in all cases at 28 days, while the same leading competitive product was unable to maintain occlusion in any cases.


"Clinicians who perform peripheral embolization have been asking for an over-the-wire embolic device on a microcatheter platform that is easy to use and can provide immediate, complete, and durable occlusion," said Metactive CEO, F. Nicholas Franano, MD. "We believe we have built a product that meets those specifications and are moving forward to make it available to physicians who want it and patients who need it."


Metactive's second product addresses the cerebral aneurysm market, where physicians treat about 280,000 aneurysms per year worldwide using surgical clips, vascular coils, and flow-diverting stents. In a pilot nonclinical study, Metactive's cerebral aneurysm embolic product demonstrated immediate occlusion of a large, terminal saccular aneurysm and full sealing and endothelialization of the aneurysm neck at one month. The Metactive product provided immediate and complete occlusion, which the widely used coil treatment did not provide in the same aneurysm model. Metactive's product also demonstrated a 50% reduction in procedure time and a 60% reduction in device cost when compared with coiling.


"Endovascular embolization of cerebral aneurysms with coils was a major advance when it was introduced more than twenty years ago," commented Dr. Franano. "The product we have developed at Metactive builds upon that innovation by providing a next-generation device that has the potential to be better for patients, faster and easier for physicians to use, and less expensive for payers."


"When managing life-threating situations, physicians need the best tools available to deal with the situation quickly and effectively," said Tom Krol, Managing Director at Kansas Bioscience Authority and a Metactive investor and member of the Board of Directors. "Metactive is developing new and highly effective devices to add to that the toolbox, ones we think physicians will reach for first in these situations."