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“We enjoyed great early success in collaboration with KBA" - Matt Wilson, president and CEO

Health Outcomes Sciences’ clinical decision support ePRISM® technology helps healthcare institutions reduce the complication rates from procedures, improves patient satisfaction and enables hospitals to better allocate expensive medical resources to patients who need them most. HOS has an exclusive partnership with the American College of Cardiology to translate the ACC risk models to clinical care.

Health Outcome Sciences ePrism

The company, founded by John Spertus, MD, MPH, a renowned outcomes researcher, has a solid technology that provides real answers to the complex demands for better clinical outcomes at lower costs. With a disruptive technology and a strong HOS management team in place, KBA secured additional investors and led with Grayhawk Venture Fund II the $5 million raise of Series A Preferred financing that closed in March 2014. HOS expects to raise up to an additional $2 million, bringing the round to $7 million. Based in Overland Park, Kan., this leading healthcare IT company is led by Matt Wilson, president and CEO.

“While HOS is a small piece of the industry, we are absolutely representative of the technology and approach that must be taken to change healthcare,” said Wilson. “We enjoyed great early success in collaboration with KBA. Their assistance in marketing strategy, pricing and the way to structure a company for a funding round – we’ve found them to be very creative in that vein.”

Wilson added that KBA’s expertise and resources, including the Venture Accelerator incubator space where there is opportunity to be around other entrepreneurs who understand what each is going through, are invaluable to the emerging company.

“These are very smart people deeply rooted in the life sciences sector with a range of skills that go from the scientific to purely matters of business,” Wilson said of the KBA investment team. “One of those business matters – connections – in Kansas and the industry, continue to be very helpful to us today.”

HOS already has contracted with more than 20 hospitals throughout the U.S. The Series A financing funds the domestic expansion of the company’s direct sales force and reseller channels as well as expands efforts to develop other exclusive relationships such as it has with ACC to further secure the HOS market position.