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Today, Innara Health is a leading early commercial stage neonatal medical device firm with many U.S. hospital customers using the NTrainer System

Innara Health was founded as KC BioMedix, Inc. in 2007 and launched with an exclusive license to commercialize technology developed at the University of Kansas.  This technology, now known as the NTrainer System® is based on research and intellectual property from Dr. Steve Barlow’s Speech and Language Development Lab at the University of Kansas.  The NTrainer System, which was cleared for marketing by the FDA via its 510(k) program in 2008, is a neonatal medical device that is sold to hospitals with Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU’s) and Pediatric Cardio-thoracic Intensive Care Units (pCICU’s).  The device trains premature infants and newborns to develop nutritive feeding skills, a leading cause of infants remaining in the intensive care units.

KBA has made several investments in Innara and its predecessor, KC Biomedix. KBA Managing Director, Tom Krol represents KBA on the company’s board of directors.

Today, Innara Health is a leading early commercial stage neonatal medical device firm with many  U.S. hospital customers using the NTrainer System.  Company management estimates that for the current diagnostic and therapeutic technology platform, the global addressable market is between $750M to $1B.  With the NTrainer System platform, the company’s mission is to bring a new dimension to neonatal feeding by pioneering the development and application of peripheral nerve stimulation and the evolving science of the brain’s plasticity of neural networks, i.e. feeding skills development is actually a neurologic development activity.

Worldwide, it’s estimated that 15 million infants are born premature each year.  The company targets 40% of these preterm and newborn infants who have difficulty with oral feeding.  These feeding challenged infants are most prevalent in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and the pediatric cardio-thoracic intensive care units (pCICU) where feeding tubes are used to nourish the infant while they develop, or in the case of infants requiring surgical care, the feeding skill. The NTrainer System then functions as a predictive and therapeutic technology used to assess and affect the preterm infants feeding skills, a core skill required for discharge from the hospital. Additional info is available on their website,