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Oncimmune developed a proprietary auto-antibody platform that enables the detection of cancers as early as five years before they are evident...

Oncimmune was founded in 2003 to commercialize technology developed in the laboratories of John Robertson, a professor of surgery at Nottingham University. The focus of Oncimmune’s technology is on the early detection of cancer, in particular breast cancer. It planned to expand the technology to the early detection and characterization of all the major solid tumor cancers. With funding from the KBA, Oncimmune collaborated with the University of Kansas, specifically with the pharmaceutical chemistry department on the Lawrence campus and the KU Medical Center for cancer clinical research. A KBA expansion and attraction grant in 2006 facilitated Oncimmune’s construction of its laboratory in Johnson County.

The company developed a proprietary auto-antibody platform that enables the detection of cancers as early as five years before they are evident with current accepted imaging methods. Oncimmune launched its first test, Early CDT-Lung, nationally in June 2010; it is now offered by more than 700 physicians across the U.S. and has aided in the detection of early-stage cancers in high-risk patients.

In October 2013 Virginia-based HDL, Inc.  acquired Oncimmune's DeSoto, Kan. lab and will become the exclusive licensed U.S. provider of EarlyCDT- Lung, world's first autoantibody test for early detection of lung cancer.

“KBA was an early investor in Oncimmune, investing $2 million in a convertible note to help the company establish its CLIA lab operation in Desoto, KS.  We are delighted at this outcome and look forward to the continued success of the EarlyCDT-Lung test,” said Keith Harrington, Managing Director at the KBA.

"Oncimmune's subsidiary in the U.S. has been building sales and awareness of the EarlyCDT-Lung test on a steady basis for the past few years," said Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley, Executive Chairman of Oncimmune Ltd. "By licensing our first test to HDL, we have secured access to a distribution channel that will deliver greater volume more quickly and at the same time guarantee sufficient revenues so that the company can accelerate the launch of our other early cancer detection tests."

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among men and women in the U.S., taking the lives of more people each year than colon, breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers combined. Lung cancer claims more than three times as many men as prostate cancer and nearly twice as many women as breast cancer. The American Cancer Society predicts that in 2013 there will be approximately 228,000 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed and nearly 160,000 lung cancer associated deaths.