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“We saw a great benefit to the animal health sector and an opportunity for a very successful investment.” - Tony Simpson

Unlike companion animals such as cats and dogs, livestock production poses a unique drug delivery challenge:

"How do you get the product onto the animal at the time it will be most effective?"

SmartVet has developed a better way to deliver medications to livestock.

Grant Weyer, CEO of SmartVet, said his firm has developed  a delivery method which encapsulates medicines into a gel capsule that can be applied remotely to animals with the company's VetGun.

“Farmers and ranchers can fire the pingpong ball-size capsules from 30 feet away. The parasiticide splatters on the animal and is absorbed into its body. Up to 100 cattle an hour can be treated with the technique,” said Weyer.

The VetGun Delivery System uses a precision-engineered CO2-powered VetGun that projects a precise new dosage form called a VetCap, a balistic gelatin capsule. Fired from a safe distance of 15-30ft, the VetCap fragments upon impact, and then goes to work immediately in a similar way to traditional pour-ons.

“We’re much more labor efficient and cost effective,” Weyer said.

Optimizing both the delivery process and the timing of treatment reduces the impact of parasites and other diseases. This not only leads to major savings in time; labor and money but also reduces stress for both animal and producer.

SmartVet’s technologies can substantially increase output of livestock production systems worldwide.

The Ballistic Bait System is another patent protected SmartVet innovation. It uses elements of SmartVet’s proven VetGun system to distribute baited capsules containing oral vaccines. The Ballistic Baits are coated with scent and flavorings to encourage location and uptake by the target species.

Leveraging the success of a 2013 market test, SmartVet USA, Inc. and AgriLabs, Ltd have recently formed a long-term partnership to launch the VetGun™ delivery system to effectively treat horn flies and lice in cattle.

AgriLabs is a leading animal health, sales and marketing organization with distribution throughout the U.S. that has expertise introducing state-of-the-art products for the beef and dairy industries.

“The energy surrounding this new technology platform is exciting to cattle producers,” said Steve Schram, President and CEO of AgriLabs. “Seldom in our company’s history have we made such a significant investment of capital and human resources to bring a new product to market,” Schram continued. “After three years of collaborative development with SmartVet, we are fully committed to this revolutionary new remote delivery platform and development of additional products based around ease of use, and precise dosing.”

A $700,000 loan by the KBA is supporting an estimated $6 million investment over the next couple of years in a manufacturing plant. It is expected to employ 51 people by 2016 with an average wage and benefit package of $64,000. The KBA's loan is repaid through a royalty paid on Smart Vet'sfuture production, providing an opportunity for significant returns.

KBA provided the loan to SmartVet after being convinced the firm had a promising future.

“We saw a great benefit to the animal health industry and an opportunity for a very successful investment,” said Tony Simpson, KBA Managing Director.